Individual e-learnings

fvw Medien
Comprehensive product and destination knowledge are key for travel professionals in order to sell convincingly and successfully. E-learnings offer the perfect opportunity to flexibly complete product training courses at the workplace and to immediately apply what has been learned.

FVW Medien implements, develops and operates successful e-learnings on behalf of customers. Tailored to your specific needs, we provide the full range of services, from conceptual design and editorial and technical implementation up to operation. Reach highly motivated and committed travel sales staff with your e-learning!

fvw Akademie

fvw Medien

fvw Akademie is the central and independent portal for education and training in tourism and corporate travel. The portal offers a unique mix of opportunities to focus on a specific topic and to expand one's knowledge in the various distribution segments such as cruises or destinations. At the fvw Akademie, travel sales staff can find e-learning programs, destination and product trainings, information on seminar and event offerings, news on advanced trainings in tourism, and webinars all under one roof.

Become a part of fvw Akademie and present your product to a highly motivated and committed target group who considers competence in travel sales a must. We support you in building up your reach and in increasing your visibility!