German operators welcome extra capacity

Tour operators in Germany have welcomed the current massive expansion of hotel capacity in Turkey.

Experts believe this boom will not necessarily lead to over-capacity and the kind of price war that would inevitably break out in other destinations. For tour operators, the boom represents a general improvement in the overall hotel quality on the Turkish Riviera. “A broad quality improvement is taking place on the Riviera at present,” said Altan Tarakci, Turkish Riviera product manager for Öger Tours, the Thomas Cook brand. “Because of the pressure created by the new buildings all the others have to improve as well. The whole region is benefiting as a result,” he explained. The days of small, family-run hotels are over. “Both service and hardware have to be top,” he said. Two of the new hotels have even named themselves ‘Platinum’, he noted. “Gold doesn’t seem to be good enough today.” Kadir Ugur, managing director of Turkey specialist Bentour, agreed. “If I had my way, then even twice as many new properties would be built,” he declared. “The good ones aren’t afraid of competition and the others are eliminated.” He also predicted that hotels on the Riviera would start to segment themselves according to source markets and customer needs, partly for language reasons. “I believe there will be four big different landscapes in future: for Western Europeans, for Russians, for Asians and for Muslims.” Among hoteliers, Crystal Group is focusing on large luxury properties, including the 886-room Crystal Waterworld and 584-room Crystal Sunset, which both opened in Belek last year, and the forthcoming Nirvana Lagoon in Kemer. The company will even open its own VIP area at Antalya airport and transfer guests in VIP shuttles to the new hotel, Eyüp Kökce, sales manager Europe, said.

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