Online Travel Distribution (Featured Article)

Optimal decision making through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a key technology that has a significant impact on the entire online tourism industry. The advantages of AI for online travel distribution will be shown in a more appealing and comfortable customer journey. Download this recent whitepaper from bd4travel and discover insights and prospects.

Constantly growing data volumes and a large number of self-learning algorithms will shape the image of the online travel market in the future. Only a few travel customers are aware that artificial intelligence is already being used in hotel search on the Internet, on online travel portals or in language assistants.

"In online tourism, where real-time, high-volume data streams are important, artificial intelligence provides unprecedented quality of decision-making," commented Andy Owen-Jones, co-founder and CEO of bd4travel. "The users of travel portals, for example, will receive much more relevant and appropriate holiday recommendations. AI-based personalization technologies have a tremendously positive impact not only on the quality of advice, but also on the user-friendliness and conversion rates of travel platforms. Online tourism will be able to respond even better to individual travel needs and needs of each customer - and with greater profitability. "

bd4travel relies on new paradigms, such as the priority of relevance and quality in customer service - as opposed to the traditionally lowest-priced advice. In the current bd4travel white paper, you will learn how artificial intelligence within online travel distribution is becoming a critical success factor for every customer journey.


• Data, the fuel of every AI application

• How online tourism benefits from AI-based systems

• How Artificial Intelligence Personalizes Travel Booking

• More helpful tips and insights

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