European Aviation Symposium, January 29-30, 2019 - Munich

European Aviation at the crossroads. High potential, big challenges

European Aviation is at the crossroads. Traditional airline business models are giving way to a new lower cost, customized and more profitable “airline 2.0” generation with higher pricing power. At the same time, disruptive technologies and new market initiatives increase pressure on airlines, airports and aviation partners.

The European Aviation Symposium is designed as new, transnational top event for the aviation industry. With combined expertise fvw, Prologis and the Travel Industry Club invite executives and top decision makers from the airline and mobility industries to explore together with top-class experts, board members, managers and politicians one of the most exciting market developments in the European economy:

  • What are the implications of globalization for European airlines?
  • What about the Brexit and its consequences in EU aviation?
  • Bottleneck air space - Is European aviation on a collision course?

The symposium will provide a platform for an in-depth exchange of ideas, concepts and visions for the industry within dedicated round tables and work groups. Look forward to inspiring speeches, exciting interviews and stimulating panel discussions with well-known national and international heads. Renowned speakers from airline industry, tourism and politics will be present for you on stage. Here are some of our top speakers:

Peter Baumgartner (European Aviation Symposium 2019)Andreas Bierwirth (European Aviation Symposium 2019)Christoph Debus (European Aviation Symposium 2019)Balint Gyemant (European Aviation Symposium 2018)Thomas Haagensen (European Aviation Symposium 2019)Olivier Jankovec (European Aviation Symposium 2019)Michael Kerkloh (European Aviation Symposium 2019)Nicola Simionato (European Aviation Symposium 2019)Joe Sultana (European Aviation Symposium 2019)Monika Wiederhold (European Aviation Symposium 2018) Become a partner of our new event. Be seen and be heard during the 2019 European Aviation Symposium. Use this platform to demonstrate that you play a leading role in the market. See here for details on available presentation options and the perfect tie-in into our event.

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