Seize the moment

Egypt should invest in more active sales and marketing in the German market to secure its comeback, urges fvw’s Michael Krane.

Egypt is back. Tour operators are reporting high increases in booking figures after the appalling previous year. A stronger message is that the trend to price-driven late bookings is cooling off. Tour operators and hoteliers can hardly hold back their optimism for the coming winter. Higher prices for the Canaries and the slump in Turkey are playing into the hands of the Egyptians. Everyone, from travel suppliers to the merchants in the souk, can certainly do with this after the lean years.

But all market players should not only seize the moment to increase revenues and profits. The trend can only be stabilised if investments are made in sales and marketing. Egypt must become more present at travel agency counters, for example through roadshows, e-learnings and fam trips.

This is all the more important for a country that has to live with a stigma when it comes to the issue of security. Egypt has invested a lot in its airports and the presence of security forces at tourist sights. The country should actively communicate this so that travel agents can advise their customers with a good feeling.

Egypt Kran

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