Website relaunch becomes fvw International


Fvw International is the new name for fvw’s redesigned and expanded English-language service providing news and information about the German travel market.

The new-look fvw International has been integrated into the main German-language website as a dedicated section under In parallel, we have redesigned and expanded the contents for international travel industry professionals seeking information about Europe’s largest travel market.

The long-established weekly Travel News, covering the major developments in the German market, including news about tour operators, travel agents, airlines and other companies, remains the core content element.

Several new sections have been added to provide broader coverage. The Image Gallery presents relevant events in the German tourism industry, particularly with an international aspect, while the Product Check section profiles interesting new products and business concepts.

The Rankings section brings together facts and figures about the German travel market. These include monthly sales and destination booking trends, a monthly hotel demand indicator and annual data on German travel to major destinations.

The Dossier section includes summaries of and information about fvw’s regular studies and reports on specific market segments, including tour operators, travel sales (travel agents and OTAs) and cruises.

Under Congress you can find information about fvw’s annual conference for the German travel industry.

For German-speaking readers, the redesigned website now offers more news and background information in a simpler and clear layout.

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