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TUI opens 20 more hotels and tests 'tour rep dates'

The new TUI Sensimar Atlantica Belvedere Resort on Kos.
TUI Group
The new TUI Sensimar Atlantica Belvedere Resort on Kos.

TUI is increasing its hotel portfolio with 20 more properties, including three Greek hotels bought at auction, and will test offering individual appointments with tour reps to expand its destination services this summer.

In the next few weeks, TUI Group is set to open more than 20 new hotels in 11 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia to continue expanding its high-margin hotel segment. On 1 May alone, ten new hotels opened their doors for guests.

The concept hotel brands TUI Sensimar, TUI Family Life and TUI Sensatori are all growing, the all-inclusive club brand TUI Magic Life will offer three more resorts and long-standing joint venture partners Riu and Atlantica will also expand their portfolios.

Notably, the expansion includes a vast hotel complex on the Greek island of Kos comprising three former Lakitira hotels. These were bought by TUI’s Cyprus-based joint venture Atlantica at a public auction last year and have been integrated into the group’s portfolio, with two properties merged into the new Atlantica Beach Resort and the third re-opening as the five-year TUI Sensimar Atlantica Belvedere Resort & Spa.

“We are expanding both our own hotel portfolio and our concept hotel brands, in cooperation with long-standing joint ventures and other hotel partners,” said TUI Executive Board member Sebastian Ebel, who is in charge of the Hotels & Resorts and Cruise businesses. Overall, TUI Group currently comprises around 380 hotels and 17 cruise ships.

Meanwhile, TUI Destination Experiences, which expects to serve about 14 million customers in 49 destinations worldwide this year, is developing more services for customers during their holidays this summer.

The expanding division will launch tests of a new "TUI On Demand" service in Thailand for guests from the Scandinavian countries. Using a digital tool, guests can arrange an individual appointment with the local TUI representative, either in person or by telephone. Customers will be able to meet or contact the rep at a convenient time, regardless of when the rep is normally available at the hotel. If the test goes well, the service could be rolled out to other destinations.  

In addition, TUI Destination Experiences has almost doubled the number of its call center agents to 370 for this summer season compared with the previous year. Guests from European markets can contact TUI’s customer service 24/7 during their holiday by telephone, e-mail, SMS or through the TUI App.

"We are once again significantly expanding our service this summer season to make the holiday experience even more unique for our guests," said David Schelp, Managing Director of TUI Destination Experiences. "We are convinced that the holistic care of our guests represents a significant differentiation from the competition, especially in relation to online providers".

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