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Fly Egypt and Air Cairo take off again to Germany

Fly Egypt has resumed Germany routes.
fly egypt
Fly Egypt has resumed Germany routes.

Destination carriers Fly Egypt and Air Cairo have resumed flights to and from Germany after resolving issues surrounding their flight licences.

The German civil aviation authority withdrew approval for the two leisure airlines to fly to and from Germany in early December with immediate effect “on the grounds of incorrect in-flight logistics”. The carriers apparently did not meet the necessary catering regulations which were imposed for security reasons in 2015.

German authorities only allow airlines flying from Egypt to load food and drinks at Cairo Airport but not, for example, at Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. Fly Egypt and Air Cairo operate flights from these two airports to and from 11 airports in Germany as well as to Austria and Switzerland. This is not an issue for German airlines which already transport catering items for return flights on the outbound flights.

But Fly Egypt resolved this technical issue before Christmas and regained flight approval status ready to take off again on December 23, for the end-of-year holiday season, according to Carsten Kröger from International Carrier Consult in Hannover, which represents Fly Egypt in Germany. The airline was due to operate its former schedule, based on flights from several German airports to Hurghada.

Air Cairo followed suit on December 28 after also solving the same issue, according to aviation portal airliners.de.

The temporary ban forced German tour operators to urgently re-book passengers on to other airlines for flights to Egypt for the first few weeks of December. Fly Egypt’s main tour operator client in Germany is FTI, which is the largest German tour operator to Egypt, but other operators have also contracted capacity on the airline. Air Cairo works closely with destination specialist ETI.

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