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Interview - Growth through flexible holiday offers

Pink is Jasmin Taylor's personal and corporate colour.
Pink is Jasmin Taylor's personal and corporate colour.

German dynamic packages specialist JT Touristik is still growing this year thanks to its flexible production and sales strategy, according to founder Jasmin Taylor.

Despite the dramatic challenges in the travel market this year, the tour operator is still growing, albeit not as fast as in the last few years, she told fvw in an interview. “We have a very stable business and so far have a slight single-digit increase compared to last year,” Taylor said. The company remains profitable, she stressed.

JT Touristik, which combines currently available hotel and flight capacity into holiday packages at prices that can change daily, increased customer numbers last year to 330,000 from 280,000 in 2014 while revenues rose to €175 million from €151 million. About 60% of sales are generated through travel agents and the rest from OTAs and the company’s website.

Explaining the reasons for her company’s continued growth, Taylor said: “The current situation is an opportunity for dynamic, flexible tour operators like us. We don’t have any long-term capacity contingents in crisis regions like other tour operators. We don’t have any hotels in destinations with weak demand, operate incoming agencies there or have any other kind of commitments. No other company can respond so quickly to changes in customer behaviour as a dynamic tour operator. 2016 is a very dynamic year that perfectly suits our daily production logic.”

JT Touristik has no problems securing capacity in high-demand destinations at present since hoteliers are interested in selling capacity at higher yields, she claimed. Referring to hoteliers, she commented: “If I’ve understood my business, then I send a ‘stop-sell’ to the traditional operators and open my contingents for dynamic tour operators who can contract at the latest daily rate. If demand is high, then the prices can be high as well because people still pay them.”

Taylor emphasised that bookings for the UAE, the company’s original main destination, remain “very good”, even though the destination is no longer as important as several years ago following expansion of the product portfolio. “We now have 150 holiday destinations and 13,000 hotels in our programme. We have grown into a true full-range provider.”

Looking ahead, the entrepreneur said: “We want to expand the luxury segment strongly and the same goes for our hotel-only offering. We’ll speed up in both areas because the trend is heading more and more towards individualised travel offers.”

Taylor, who fled from Iran to Germany as a 17-year-old in the 1980s, later studied in the USA and then launched JT Touristik in 2009 after running an online travel agency, is well-known in the German travel industry for her characteristic ‘pink’ brand, ranging from her own clothing to the company’s corporate image. She is now trying to build up consumer recognition of the brand with events such as this year’s Pink Carpet Party at ITB, which was attended by diverse celebrities and generated significant coverage in German tabloid media.

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