ITB 2019

Cities link up as Greater Bay

Christian Wyrwa/Gregor Zielke

Southern China is building a joined-up tourism future as Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao create a mega-destination.

The spectacular new 55km bridge linking Hong Kong with Zhuhai and Macao, along with a high-speed train from Hong Kong to Guangdong, have cut travelling times within the newly designated Greater Bay Area dramatically, while port facilities for cruise ships have also been improved.

Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong now have a joint stand at ITB to promote their combined historical, natural and cultural attractions, and put the region on the tourism map as a new destination. Guangdong offers an urban lifestyle, Hong Kong has a wide range of attractions, and Macao is focusing on its cultural heritage. Lesser-known regional sights include picturesque landscapes around Huizhou and the cultural metropolis of Foshan.

“We stand at the beginning of a golden era when it comes to making the Greater Bay Area into a destination for tourists from around the world,” said Hong Kong Tourism Board executive director Anthony Lau. A six-day visa has been created to offer tourists easy transfers between the three cities.