Hotel industry posts steady growth

More and more domestic as well as foreign tourists are deciding to spend their holidays in Germany, the results of the latest interim report show. But the month of June painted a different picture.

Hotel bookings of guests from home and abroad alike have seen a boost of three percent during the first six months of this year in Germany, growing to 199.2 million overnight stays, the federal office of Wiesbaden announced on Wednesday. 163.7 million of these overnight stays were by German tourists, as a growing number of them are keen to spend their vacation in their country. June was hit by a small slump, the number of overnight stays decreased by one percent compared to the same period last year.

According to the Institute of German Economy (IW) in Cologne, Germany is profiting from the largely as unsafe perceived destinations in Northern Africa and Turkey, which used to be immensely popular holiday spots for Germans up until the rise of social unrest, political upheaval and terrorism in these regions.

Whether the recent string of terrorist attacks in Germany will have a strong effect on foreign tourist numbers in the future cannot yet be fully assessed, now that tourists from the USA and China, for example, are told to be wary of Europe as a whole. (LEW)