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DER Touristik restructures management and organisation

René Herzog is restructing DER Touristik Germany.
DER Touristik
René Herzog is restructing DER Touristik Germany.

Germany’s third-largest tour operator, DER Touristik, is streamlining its organisation with possible job losses to make it “faster and leaner” after a disappointing year.

DER Touristik Germany, whose portfolio includes major brands such as Dertour, Meier’s Weltreisen, ITS and Jahn Reisen, has launched a major restructuring project following the merger of its two businesses based in Frankfurt and Cologne last year. This merger, according to a spokesman, was the basis for the creation of a single organisational structure.

The ongoing restructuring is designed to make the company “faster, more efficient and leaner”. However, it could involve the disappearance of a management level and job losses, according to speculation in the German tourism industry.

Central Europe CEO René Herzog told fvw: “At present the ideal future size and structure is being reviewed and negotiated (with the works council).” DER Touristik wants to retain its two locations in Cologne and Frankfurt. However, the aim is make two companies with different structures, processes and reservation systems into a single strong and customer-focused business, he emphasised.

The restructuring will create “the foundation for our future success”, enabling the tour operator “to respond faster and better to the wishes and expectations of customers, sales partners and suppliers”, Herzog declared.

The Central Europe chief, whose region covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland, had already announced “big changes” in an fvw interview in February with a review of all processes, procedures and managerial roles. He admitted there was still “high internal duplication” in production of package and individual holidays. In particular with regard to individual holiday brands such as Dertour, it was necessary “to bring the needs of the niche in line with those of factory processes”.

In June, there was a prominent managerial departure. Long-serving manager Rolf-Dieter Maltzahn left at his own wish after ten years with the group, including as head of DER Touristik Cologne (ITS, Jahn Reisen, Travelix) since 2014.

According to fvw information, DER Touristik’s package holiday tour operators under-performed this year with disappointing sales even though the overall market grew well. The company has lost market share both in short-haul and long-haul destinations as a result.

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