First German route

Eva Air now connects Munich with Taiwan

A Boeing 777 painted with Hello Kitty motifs was used by Eva Air for the first flight from Munich to Taiwan.
Blue Stahli Luân, Wikimedia
A Boeing 777 painted with Hello Kitty motifs was used by Eva Air for the first flight from Munich to Taiwan.

The first flight jet, a Boeing 777, took off from Munich in Hello Kitty design. The first new long-haul route to Asia for the German airport in a long time was celebrated with many prominent guests.

ßShe can bake delicious biscuits and has a heart of gold. But her favourite is homemade apple pie: Hello Kitty, designed in 1974 by the Japanese Yuko Shimizu, has long been a global success. Now, Taiwan's Eva Air has used a Hello Kitty jet for its first flight from Munich to Taipei. A Boeing 777 was painted with Hello Kitty motifs, the stewardesses were dressed in Hello Kitty uniforms, and there were Hello Kitty menus on board.

For Germany CEO Rosa H. Y. Lee, the new route from Munich to Taiwan's capital Taipei is a "milestone in the company's history". And Clay Sun, top airline boss, called Germany an "important market for both Taiwan and our airline". In addition, the connection would strengthen the tourist, economic and political contacts between the two countries.

Via Taipei to Asian destinations

Instead of the B-777, a B-787 ("Dreamliner") will fly to the capital of the island state on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in the near future. "We want to bring more passengers to Taiwan and from there to more than 50 destinations in Asia," Sun said. A special focus is on business travellers, he said as Taipei is considered an ideal transfer point for trips to Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand or Bali.

Munich was chosen as the departure point because the economic ties with Bavaria are particularly close. Southern German travellers would no longer have to go to Frankfurt to fly directly from there to Taiwan, Sun said with a smile, referring to the existing Taipei route of competitor China Airlines from Frankfurt.

Impressive speech

In addition to Clay Sun, numerous prominent guests from business and politics were present at the ceremony in the Münchener Residenz on the occasion of Eva Air's very first presence in Germany. The impressive speech by Taiwanese Ambassador Professor Jhy-Wey Shieh, who harshly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and called for clear political support for democratic Taiwan from the outset to avoid another conflict, was met with prolonged applause. China has been threatening a military attack on the country for decades.

In addition to Munich, the airline has also been taking off from Milan since 25 October. Both cities complement the existing departure points of Vienna, Amsterdam, London, and Paris. "This gives us the best developed Taiwan-Europe network with the highest frequency," Rosa Lee advertises.

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