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Hurghada surges on as Antalya consolidates and Spain drops again

German package holiday booking trends in May for the ten largest destination airports
German package holiday booking trends in May for the ten largest destination airports

Bookings of Red Sea holidays are still soaring on the German market while growth for the Turkish Riviera has slowed and Spain had another poor month, according to sales figures for May.

Egypt has confirmed its status as one of this year’s destination winners on the German package holiday market, the latest monthly figures from leading reservations provider Traveltainment showed. Bookings for Hurghada increased by a very strong 65% compared to the same month last year after more than doubling in April and following several months with high double-digit growth.

Turkey consolidated its comeback as a top destination for German holidaymakers this year with a solid 8% year-on-year rise for Antalya after very high growth rates in recent months, including rises of 77% in April and 86% in March. The Turkish Riviera gateway airport accounted for 30% of all bookings for the top ten destination airports last month.

But demand for the main Spanish holiday destinations continued to weaken among German consumers. Bookings to Palma, which accounted for 23% of all bookings, fell by 9% in May, the fifth month in a row with lower sales figures. Similarly, there were lower bookings for the Canary Islands once again, with Fuerteventura (-9%), Las Palmas (-19%) and Tenerife (South) (-1%) all showing sales declines for the fourth consecutive month.

Greece had a mixed month on the German market as demand continued to tail off in comparison with the high growth seen in 2016 and 2017 which was linked to the slump in Turkey bookings. Heraklion, Crete’s main airport, saw lower bookings for the third month in a row with a 5% fall. Rhodes had stable sales in May after ups and downs in the previous two months while Kos enjoyed a 7% increase following a healthy 21% rise in April.

This year’s good bookings for Bulgaria were reflected in the entry of Black Sea destination airport Varna in the top ten ranking, with an 11% increase compared to the same period last year.

There were significant differences between bookings through travel agencies and online last month. Hurghada, for example, had a 91% increase in online bookings but only 29% through travel agencies. Similarly, online sales were much higher than travel agency bookings for Varna and Kos, while Fuerteventura had stable online sales (+2%) but travel agency bookings slumped by 20%. The price difference between travel agency bookings (average price per person: €858) and online (€687) remained substantial.

The monthly figures for May cover package holiday and last-minute bookings through Traveltainment’s market-leading travel agency and OTA reservation systems.

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