Death of Thomas Wagner

Former Unister spokesperson speaks of foul play

Thomas Wagner
Thomas Wagner

A year ago today, head of Unister Holding Thomas Wagner died in a plane crash in Slovenia. A former Unister spokesperson now claims it was not an accident but rather the work of a criminal cartel.

On July 14 2016, Thomas Wagner died in a plane crash following a mysterious financial deal. Germany’s largest online travel retailer at the time, Unister Holding, and several subsidiaries declared insolvency in the aftermath. 38-year-old Wagner had flown to Venice in an unsuccessful bid to secure a loan. In his briefcase: several million euros in cash.

The circumstances sorrounding his death are still being contested as a former Unister spokersperson speaks of foul play. “I don’t believe it was an accident. The official story that in the month of July it was ice on the plane’s wings which caused the crash makes little sense to me“, Konstantin Korosides told media outlet “The whole thing stinks to high heavens“, he added. Korosides suspects an unspecified criminal cartel caused the death of his former boss.

The other three persons on board the private plane, Oliver Schilling, a fellow Unister shareholder, a German financial advisor and the pilot, also died in the crash.

Unister Travel, which operates Ab-in-den-Urlaub-de, and several smaller travel portals, was taken over by Czech investment company Rockaway Capital back in January. (LEW)

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