Down Under seeks upturn

Uluru is one of Australia's outstanding landmarks and top tourist attractions.
Uluru is one of Australia's outstanding landmarks and top tourist attractions.

Australia has launched a worldwide tourism recovery marketing campaign to try to overcome a ‘double whammy’ from the recent devastating bushfires in parts of the country and now the coronavirus impact on international travel demand.

No visitors from China, its largest source market, have been allowed to enter the country since early February.

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Eva Seller, Europe regional manager for Tourism Australia, admitted: “Both (events) will have a severe impact on visitor figures.” The country has generally grown solidly in the last few years, with international overnight stays up 25% since 2015, according to the fvw Destination Ranking 2020.

Pictures of massive flames and dead animals went around the world. However, Seller emphasised that the bushfires only affected some parts of South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria but not Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland or Tasmania. Popular tourist areas such as Kangaroo Island and the Great Coastal Drive were impacted but nature is now starting to recover there, she underlined.  

The new marketing campaign, labelled ‘There’s Still Nothing Like Australia’, aims to stimulate demand in the short-term and gradually rebuild Australia’s reputation as a highly desirable destination. In the adverts, Tourism Australia is highlighting classic tourist attractions such as Uluru and Queensland. The campaign is supported with A$25 million allocated to Tourism Australia through a government recovery fund and will be gradually rolled out worldwide.

Tourism Australia Managing Director, Phillipa Harrison, said: “As we look to recover and rebuild, it’s important that we look forward and continue to market Australia, both at home and overseas.”