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Turkey overtakes Spain in August

Tourism market researcher Matthias Lange
Jan-Timo Schaube
Tourism market researcher Matthias Lange

Germans were more interested in holidays in Turkey than in Spain last month, according to figures presented by market researchers TrevoTrend at the recent fvw workshop in Istanbul that confirmed the destination’s strong comeback this year.

Turkey overtook Spain to become the most popular destination in terms of booking enquiries in German travel trade reservation systems in August, TrevoTrend managing director Matthias Lange told some 200 German and Turkish workshop participants. However, enquiries do not necessarily turn into bookings, he cautioned. “Booking enquiries are not bookings, but they do show the real purchasing interest of customers,” he commented.

In total, there were 40.9 million booking enquiries for holidays in Turkey, which was a dynamic 46% increase on the same month last year. About 85% of the requests were for holidays on the Turkish Riviera, including a flight to Antalya. This reflects the fact that many hotels on the Aegean coast are closed in the winter.

Spain dropped back to second place with 40.7 million enquiries, a moderate 2% increase on August 2017. Egypt was in third place last month with 17.3 million enquiries. This was a dramatic 73% increase on last year, reflecting the strong upturn in demand for Red Sea holidays. The next most popular destinations were Greece, the UAE, Bulgaria and the Dominican Republic.

This mix of destinations is explained by the fact that the TrevoTrend figures cover enquiries for all departure dates, including last-minute bookings this summer, enquiries for the forthcoming winter season and also for summer 2019 holidays. Major German tour operators have already opened up large parts of their summer 2019 programmes for early bookings.

However, Lange also presented separate figures for the forthcoming winter season (November 2018 – March 2019) that showed different demand trends.

Spain remains the top winter destination with 6.3 million booking enquiries, mostly thanks to the popularity of the Canary Islands for winter sun holidays. Egypt, the main rival destination for such holidays, was in second place (5.5 million enquiries), followed by Turkey (2.5m), Thailand (1.2m) and the Dominican Republic (1.1m).

Turkey is the fastest-growing winter destination with a 103% rise in enquiries compared to the same period last year, followed by Egypt (+79%). Thailand (+8%) and Spain (+2%) showed moderate single-digit growth but the Dominican Republic lies 8% behind last year.

The TrevoTrend figures, produced in cooperation with Traveltainment, cover figures from 13,000 travel agencies, 40 major OTAs and 120 tour operator websites.

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