TATS figures for April

Sales leapfrog pre-Corona levels again

Easter business has pushed the sales balance in German travel agencies significantly upward. According to TATS Travel Agency Mirror, they actually drove in just over two percent more in April than in pre-Corona 2019, with cruises and air travel primarily responsible.
February was the first time travel agents posted more in departed sales than in pre-Corona 2019, and that trend continued in April. According to the TATS Reisebüro-Spiegel (Travel Agency Mirror), total billed sales were just over 2% above 2019.

The tourism division cruises (up 7.3%), as well as air travel (up 7.6%) and "other sales", which combines in-house events, rail and rental cars (up 14.5%), are primarily responsible for this. In tourism as a whole, on the other hand, the minus has grown by two points to 9.3% compared to March.

Very short-term booking behaviour

It is interesting to look at the year-on-year order intake in tourism. While it was still clearly up in March at 15.7%, it is down 19.4% in April. One factor could be the still very short-term booking behaviour, which meets with a sharp rise in interest last year following the pandemic relief. This also tends to apply to the cruises subsegment.

Compared to 2019, however, there is also a positive trend in incoming orders: tourism is up 2.6%, and cruises are even up 17.1%. This gives cause for optimism for the year as a whole in tourism: "Continued consistent booking behavior could hold out the prospect of reaching the 2019 revenue level in 2023," is the cautious forecast of the Travel Agency Mirror in April.

Study based on several thousand travel agencies

TATS (Travel Agency Technologies & Services) is one of the few remaining companies still providing regular figures about the German outbound travel market. The company provides various products for the travel industry, including its Ibiza financial management software.

Since July 2021, the TATS figures also show the comparison to 2019. The monthly study is based on several thousand travel agencies, online portals and consolidators.

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