TATS figures

April travel sales remain deeply in the red

No strong sign of recovery: In April 2021, invoiced travel revenues in German travel agencies reached only half the level of one year ago. But according to the latest figures from IT services company TATS at least two of the four segments performed better than average year-on-year.
The only segment showing growth in April was "Other sales" (encompassing rail tickets, car rentals, travel insurances, etc.) with a 26.9% increase in April compared to the same month in 2020 after a 21.3% drop in March. Among the main segments, airline ticket sales were the best performer in April with a decrease of "only" 20.1% as this segment was hit earlier by the Covid-19 crisis last year.

Overall invoiced sales in April were down by 52.5% (in March –16.3%) compared to twelve months ago. Leisure sales – including cruises – were down by 76.5 (in March: –74.8%), cruises by 68.0% (in March: –63.3%).

Year-to-date figures slightly improved

Results for the first four months were even worse than in April, but not as bad as sales one month ago: Whereas the overall revenues for the time from January to March were still down by 84.5%, this figure slightly improved to a 78.5% decrease from January to April. Leisure sales remained the biggest loser dropping by 88% whereas cruises were down by 84.5%, airline tickets by 79% and other sales by 59.8%.

However, the volume of orders showed a positive trend – in April, it was 140.3% ahead of last year's for leisure sales and showed a 120% plus for cruise revenues. But this growth was only on a very low basis so the whole volume of orders for the first four months remained deeply in the red – a backlog of 77.9% for leisure sales and of 65.6% for cruises.

TATS (Travel Agency Technologies & Services) is one of the few remaining companies still providing regular figures about the German outbound travel market. The company provides various products for the travel industry, including its Ibiza financial management software.