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Germans book strongly for the winter and early for next summer

GfK figures for German holiday sales in September
GfK figures for German holiday sales in September

Holiday sales grew by 9% last month as consumers snapped up last-minute bargains, booked their winter breaks and took advantage of early booking discounts for next summer.

Late sales for the last two months of the summer 2018 season, September and October, were up by 3%, the latest monthly analysis from market researchers GfK showed. This growth went completely to online sales channels, however, with travel agency revenues dropping by a slight 1%.

Overall, summer 2018 sales are now 12% ahead of last year on a cumulated basis, with one more sales month to go. This means that both online and offline sales channels will end the year with strong growth rates.

The top seller in travel agencies and online last month were winter holidays, which accounted for over 40% of revenues, the market researchers’ analysis of sales by 2,000 representative travel agencies, OTAs and tour operator websites found. Sales grew by 11% in September, leaving cumulated sales 9% ahead of the same time last year.

Early bookings for next summer were also an important factor, representing over 23% of total revenues. Summer 2019 revenues are so far showing double-digit growth, although the basis is too low for solid forecasts, according to GfK.

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