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Sri Lanka is back on the map

Top growth destinations in Central, East and North Asia
Top growth destinations in Central, East and North Asia

Sri Lanka is the comeback kid in Central, East & North Asia where destinations are generally performing well as Chinese tourists flock to discover the region, the newly-published fvw Destination Ranking 2019 shows.

The island off the southern tip of India has recovered strongly over the last five years, with an 84% rise in German visitor numbers to 157,000, including a 20% increase last year. The international picture looks good as well, with an 83% surge to more than 2.3 million tourists. A decade after the end of its civil war, Sri Lanka is now benefiting from investments in its tourism infrastructure and a better image. Neighbour India is steadily growing on the German market and winning more international visitors, too.

Japan is a surprise winner over the last five years, with a 75% rise to 214,000 German visitors. What’s more, international visitor numbers have more than doubled to a massive 31 million, driven above all by more tourists from China, South Korea and Taiwan.

China is steadily drawing more German and international visitors, although many of these are business travellers and the country has yet to achieve its enormous tourism potential. Similarly, Hong Kong and Macau have generated only low growth in recent years and are now teaming up with nearby Chinese cities to promote themselves as part of the Greater Bay Area.   

In contrast, Taiwan is attracting more German tourists with a 40% increase over the last five years, albeit including a slight drop last year.

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