Destination Ranking

Worldwide travel trends in 2019 come under the microscope

The performance of 104 countries worldwide in 2019 and over the last five years is presented in the latest fvw Destination Ranking and displayed in an interactive business intelligence graphic.
A new technology has been used this year for the first time. Complete analytical applications can be presented interactively on websites thanks to Embedded Business Intelligence Systems (Embedded BI). Through innovative visual elements, evaluations are not only made more intuitive and flexible for business professionals but are also made possible for IT non-experts.

In the interactive graphic, select your required destination on the map in order to find out more about the country or the region. The best visual results are obtained on a PC, laptop or tablet with a large screen.
Cooperation with Münster University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Johannes Schwanitz from the Institute for Process Management and Digital Transformation (IPD) at the Münster University of Applied Sciences is helping fvw to connect different statistics and analyses with each other. In this way, individual trends can be interpreted better within a larger context and, for example, be complemented statically with prediction functions.

Research first, then analysis

Tables in Cyrillic or Greek letters, calls to Caribbean islands, e-mails to the South Pacific, "administrative assistance" from tour operators and destinations representatives, meticulous checks and cautious estimates. Researching the latest visitor or overnight statistics of important destinations worldwide once again demanded plenty of hard work and patience from fvw’s journalists.

The results are now ready for you: more than 1,000 numbers and just as many rates of changes from around the world consolidated, checked, presented visually and commented upon.