Destination Ranking

Worldwide tourism trends under the microscope

How do destinations compare internationally? The fvw Destination Ranking provides answers for over 100 countries from Abu Dhabi to Cyprus. (*=number of overnight stays)

Find out how to evaluate the current comeback of Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey, why destinations such as Belize, Colombia and Latvia are soaring on the German market alongside well-known favourites such as Dubai and Mauritius, and how top performers last year such as Ireland, Kenya and Malaysia are doing in a medium-term comparison.

In order to provide understandable estimates, the fvw Destination Ranking focuses on growth rates rather than absolute figures – and mostly on a five-year comparison from 2013 to 2018. Where available, Overnight stays (marked with *) rather than Arrivals are used as the basis figures. These are the ‘hard currency’ of tourism success and show impressively the important role that German visitors play in the incoming figures of many destinations.

Focus on global development

Whether you want to see the performance of a destination with a click in the interactive table or are interested in the winners and losers in one of the ten regional clusters: the fvw Destination Ranking helps you to keep a clear view of competition between destinations and to make the right decisions in product development, sales and marketing.

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