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Booking enquiries for Germany and France soar in September

Germany and France topped the popularity list as German holidaymakers enquired more strongly about hotels in most major destinations in September as overall demand improved, the latest fvw Hotel Ranking showed.

Just like in the previous month, the clear winners were Germany (+145%) and France (+125%), which both had more than double the number of hotel booking enquiries compared to September 2018, according to the ranking, which is compiled in cooperation with data analysts TrevoTrend and ratings portal HolidayCheck.

However, there was generally good demand for nearly all destinations, with only two destinations showing a drop in enquiries. Other winners included so-called 'overland destinations' (reachable by car) such as Croatia (+101%), Austria (+97%), Italy (+92%) and Switzerland (+62%).

Further south, there were also good increases in hotel booking enquiries for various major destinations as overall German travel demand recovered. Winners among the big destinations in Southern Europe included Malta (+108%), Greece (+40%), Spain (+30%), Portugal (+32%) and Turkey (+30%).

North African and Middle East destinations also performed better, with stronger interest in the UAE (+56%), Tunisia (+43%), Morocco (+39%) and Egypt (18%).

Once again, the two main losers, according to the ranking, were Bulgaria (-5%) and Cyprus (-4%).

In terms of hotel recommendations (see the right tab on the graphic), German holidaymakers were more satisfied with hotels in Tunisia and Italy (both +3%) but less happy with hotels in the UAE (-6%) and France (-3%), according to the ranking.

The fvw Hotel Ranking is compiled in cooperation with data analysts TrevoTrend and ratings portal HolidayCheck. It gives an overview of demand trends, in terms of millions of hotel booking enquiries through travel agents and tour operators that are analysed by TrevoTrend. In addition, it measures German customer satisfaction with leisure hotels in top destinations based on HolidayCheck evaluations.

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