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flyiin – Easy Way of Flight Booking

Keep it simple: Das Logo von flyiin.
Keep it simple: Das Logo von flyiin.

flyiin provides travel sellers with a simple way to build truly user-centric flight booking experiences based on direct connections to their partner airlines.

Travel startups, consumer brands, and corporations will use its Airline DirectConnect Platform to design experiences for their travellers to easily search, compare and buy flights and services, directly with airlines. Relaunched in 2018, the Berlin-based travel tech company currently works with companies like Qixxit to help them deliver the level of product transparency and choice long expected by air travellers.


  1. Airlines wish to become retailers, but can't.
    No control of their distribution. They don’t control the ‘product’ presented to the traveller. No sense of the customer. They don’t know who searches for flights, thus can’t customise their product. No up-sell opportunities. No channel properly markets their higher value fares and services. No product differentiation. They can only compete on (basic) fares, not on brand nor experience. No user data. They have no idea about the products travellers like and those they don’t like.
  2. Leading to a dreadful customer experience for air travellers.
    Non-inclusive prices. Finding the best price inclusive of my desired services takes hours, even days. Invalid offers. Many fares on online travel agencies and metasearch are either not bookable or incorrect. No sense of the experience. Unless you’re a frequent flyer, you’ve got no clue on what to expect. Lack of transparency. You never know what you are actually buying. Who’s in charge? The airline? The seller? You don’t know who to call in case of disruption.


Our Airline DirectConnect Platform is designed to make it possible and easy for any non-travel agency players to sell air travel to their users, in a traveller-centric and inspiring way. Accessible by the most developer-friendly ‘flights API’ in the market, our platform hides all complexity inherent to airline distribution, enabling travel brands, startups, generic marketplaces, social networks and corporations to build airline-driven and highly-user centric flight booking experiences. And this, without having to be or become airline distribution experts nor an accredited travel agency.

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Customer Value

Content validation: to ensure that the content returned by airlines as responses to search, booking and ticketing requests is fit-for-purpose Content mapping: to enable comparison of fare families, ancillary services and flight experience-related amenities across multiple airlines Content curation: to exclude any content that is irrelevant, based on defined use cases Business intelligence data: to identify user trends in flight search and booking across airlines based on multiple parameters.

Unique Selling Point

Depth of integration of airline APIs into our platform allows for a a significant reduction of the integration work and domain expertise requirements on the travel seller's side.

Market potential

The online air travel market represents approximately €350 billion in annual sales.

Business model

Based on transaction fees charged to the travel seller

Gründer: Stéphane Pingaud
Launch-Datum: 1. März 2019

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